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Construction details and what to expect during construction

Beginning this spring, a contractor working for King County began repairing about 3,700 feet of sewer line in Renton. This work will take place mostly along Logan Avenue, near The Landing shopping center and Boeing’s Renton facility.

See details of the project and what you can expect during construction, below.

project area mapProject area map

This project has four phases

Mobilization: The contractor has mobilizee and set up for construction. This includes a project staging area and a screening wall to block noise.

Bypass pipe construction: Workers need to be in the pipe to apply the lining, and the pipe needs to be dry with no flows going through it. To do this, the contractor built a temporary bypass piping system to collect the wastewater in the pipe, bring it past the work area, and then put it back into the main pipe, where it will continue on to the treatment plant.

Bypass construction consist of:

  • A pipe that generally follows Logan Avenue and is in places on the surface or buried where it crosses travel lanes.
  • The bypass connects into the Eastside Interceptor at the north end of the project area, on Boeing property, just south of the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd North and Southport Drive North. Here the bypass system collects sewer flows and and transports them around the project. There are pumps, generators, and piping located here.
  • The bypass pipes is located outside of the traffic lanes. 
  • The bypass pipe ends at Burnett Avenue North near the North 6th Street intersection. This is where the bypass connects back into the Eastside Interceptor pipe.

Lining work: As noted above, the lining work is taking place inside the pipe. with work areas and support equipment on the surface. Work locations will change as the work progresses.

Restoration and clean-up:

  • At the end of the project the contractor will remove vehicles, equipment, fencing, and temporary buildings.
  • The bypass piping and support equipment will be removed.
  • All areas disturbed by the work will be restored, including streets, sidewalks, and landscaping.

What to expect during construction

  • The northern-most work area (on Boeing property) includes a staging area, construction trailer, vehicle and equipment storage, and pumps and generators. There is an east facing screen wall to lessen noise reaching The Landing and nearby residential buildings.
  • There are no planned service disruptions for power, water, or sewer service.
  • The bypass pipe is located in and along the side of Logan Avenue; the pipe does affect portions of the bike lanes and sidewalks here.
  • There will be traffic ongoing but temporary impacts, including lane closures, detours, flaggers, etc., during both bypass construction and during lining work.
  • During lining work, there is equipment and work areas at the surface, where workers and equipment access the sewer pipe. There is also surface areas for ventilation and odor control equipment.
  • A short section of Burnett Avenue North at North 6th Street is now temporarily. This work area is where the bypass pipe connects back into the Eastside Interceptor.
  • Odor and noise control measures are included with the project, but there may still be instances where people notice odors and noise from the project.

Construction phase

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