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Project area

Timberlane Village is a community located 1.5 miles east of the Town of Skykomish on U.S. Highway 2 in unincorporated King County. It is bounded to the north, west, and east by the South Fork Skykomish River, between approximately River Mile (RM) 17.9 and RM 18.9. Because of its location along the river, Timberlane Village is vulnerable to erosion and flood hazards.

Image of Timberlane Village Risk Zone Map. Click to open as a PDF.
Click on the image to open a larger map of the Risk Zones in the Timberlane Village neighborhood outside of Skykomish, Washington.

Project overview

Risk Assessment and Recommended Actions, Timberlane Village - (PDF, 29MB. Acrobat file help.)

In July 2014, King County completed this study to better understand river hazards in the area related to flooding, bank erosion and channel migration, avulsion and - to a lesser extent - landslides. (SeeKing County landslide investigation results from Oct. 2014.)

In 2009, the County acquired five parcels in this community, including three with residential structures that have been demolished. These parcels include a nearly vertical, constructed rock revetment along approximately 300 feet of the riverbank at RM 18.5, and that is damaged because of its over-steepened construction and exposure to significant river forces.

The new study recommends additional buyouts of properties that are at high risk of damage from deep, fast flood waters and it examines possible actions, such as removal or repair, of the revetment at the county owned land at RM 18.5.

Public outreach

June 2014 – King County employees met with the Timberlane Village homeowner association board members to discuss preliminary findings from the report.

2015 – King County employees will host a community meeting to share report findings and discuss potential future actions with residents.

For additional information about the Timberlane Village Risk Assessment and Recommended Actions, please contact Teresa Lewis, Project Manager, King County River and Floodplain Management Section.