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Project area

The bridges are between River Mile 1.0-1.6 in Renton. 

A photo of the Renton Cedar Bridge Flood Reduction Project area during a flood event


The project is projected to start after 2018.

Project goals

  • The bridge updates which the City of Renton are planning will specifically be designed to accommodate flows above the level that the Federal Emergency Management Agency currently estimates as the 100-year flood level.
  • The King County Flood Control District would share some of the costs of the bridge replacement project.
  • The redesigned bridges would improve public safety, reduce impacts to traffic and businesses during bridge closures, and reduce blockages to flows, and lowering upstream river levels during flood events. 


  • Several bridges in downtown Renton, including Logan Ave N., Williams Ave. N., Wells Avenue N., Bronson Ave. N., and Houser Ave N., were built to safely pass estimated flood flows of 8,500 cubic feet per second (cfs). The 100-year food discharge is now estimated to be 12,000 cfs.
  • When flows equal or exceed 8,500 cfs, the existing bridges restrict floodwater, raising levels upstream. Large wood could create log jams against the bridges. The bridges are a safety hazard, impact the economy and traffic when they must be closed, and can themselves be damaged in flood events. 

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