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  Latex paint recyclers

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Drop off unwanted latex paint, water-based stains and clear finishes for recycling at any Take it Back Network location listed below. A recycling fee will be charged.

Oil-based paint, solvents and other hazardous products are NOT ACCEPTED. Residents should refer to the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County for information about how to dispose of oil based paints. Businesses in King County please refer to the Business Hazardous Waste information and the Small Business Hazardous Waste information pages for oil based paint disposal information.


Call first

Be sure to read the vendor descriptions and call first to verify that they will accept your latex paint.

Recycling fees

A fee will be charged to cover the cost of labor to package and transport the latex paint to the processing facility. Call the collection site you intend to use to determine the amount of the fee.

Environmentally sound recycling

The organizations listed in the local Take it Back Network have agreed to recycle the materials in an environmentally sound manner. Learn more about the membership requirements to join the Take it Back Network.

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