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Motorists: Fix leaks so you ‘Don’t Drip and Drive’


Motorists in King County can find an affordable fix and keep pollutants out of Puget Sound so that they “Don’t Drip and Drive.”


Motorists in King County can find an affordable fix and keep pollutants out of Puget Sound so that they “Don’t Drip and Drive.”
One drip at a time from thousands of vehicles creates slippery roads and harms the environment. Every year, more than 7 million quarts of motor oil drips out of vehicles and onto streets and parking lots, much of it ending up in streams, lakes and Puget Sound.

The Puget Sound Starts Here campaign along with participating repair shops across western Washington are offering car owners a free visual leak inspection – a diagnostic service valued at up to $80 – available now through September.

If the inspection reveals a problem, the car owner will receive a coupon for 10 percent off service to fix the problem (up to $50). Repair coupons expire Sept. 30, 2014. For a complete listing of participating locations and more information, visit

"The main reason we have been participating in ‘Don't Drip and Drive’ is that we are aware that fluids do leak from a surprising number of vehicles,” said Mike Lenci of Bellevue Auto Service & Electric, Inc., an EnviroStar-certified business. “We want to help to repair these leaks and give the motorist a substantial discount on the repair as well to help keep our water clean.”
The “Don’t Drip and Drive” campaign from the team at Puget Sound Starts Here helps inform people throughout Puget Sound on how to check for vehicle leaks so they can keep their cars running great while protecting local waters. Studies show that two-thirds of drivers will fix a leak within three months of when they find it.

To take advantage of free visual inspections for vehicle leaks, sign up for a basic car care workshop in July, August or September 2014 at:

• South Seattle Community College
• Shoreline Community College
• Renton Technical College
• West Seattle High School

As part of the Puget Sound Starts Here consortium, King County participates in regional campaigns around the Puget Sound. Partners share funds and provide more resources for residents to protect our waterways. For more on helping clean up stormwater runoff before it reaches the Puget Sound, visit