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Beach access reopens at Kirkland’s Marina Park


Beach access at Marina Park is again open to the public following a brief wastewater overflow from the Kirkland Pump Station on Thursday, May 2.


Beach access at Marina Park is again open to the public following a brief wastewater overflow from King County's Kirkland Pump Station on Thursday, May 2.

Closure signs were removed today with the approval of Public Health – Seattle & King County when laboratory tests showed water quality to again be safe for swimming and wading.  A closure sign will remain at the boat pier as a precaution pending additional laboratory sample results.

King County staff posted the beach as closed as a precautionary measure to protect public health when the 60-minute overflow sent an estimated 68,000 gallons of wastewater into the lake through an emergency outfall, which prevented sewage backups in homes and businesses. The station’s average pumping capacity is about 5.6 million gallons a day.

The overflow was caused by an unusual combination of circumstances when a transmitter signal failed to engage two of the station’s pumps. The clutch failed on a third pump that normally engages when station water levels rise. The overflow was discovered during daily monitoring and maintenance of the station.

County staff notified the public as well as health and regulatory agencies about the overflow.

King County's Kirkland Pump Station has been operating for more than 40 years. King County is investing a total of $20 million in a project to increase the station’s pumping capacity, replace aging equipment, and install new, larger diameter pipes. The new station will begin operating in November 2013, with project completion scheduled for early 2014.

More information about the Kirkland Pump Station project is available on the website.