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Behavioral Health Ombuds Service for King County is provided by Interchange Northwest, LLC; an independent nonprofit that contracts with King County to provide help to behavioral health consumers and family members.

There are two main differences between the Behavioral Health Ombuds Service for King County and King County Behavioral Health Client Services:

  1. The Ombuds Service is a completely independent agency. Unlike the staff of King County Customer Services, Ombuds staff members are not King County employees; the agency is not a part of King County Government. AND
  2. Many Ombuds staff members have been mental health consumers, either now or in the past, or are family members of behavioral health consumers.

 Request Ombuds Services:

Behavioral Health Ombuds Service of King County
400 Yesler, Suite 230
Seattle, Washington  98104


Phone: 24-Hour Confidential Message Service: 206-477-0630 or Toll Free: 1-800-790-8049 (ext. 3)

Fax: 206-205-0854

In-Office Hours: 9 a.m.–Noon, Mon–Fri

After Hours Phone Service: 1 to 5 p.m., Mon–Fri

 Other Resources

Ombuds Semi-Annual Reports available upon request:Contact us at 206-563-8997 for more information.

Who can get Ombuds Services?

The Ombuds agency serves adult clients and parents or guardians of children who are clients within the publicly funded mental health system of King County. Ombuds service is also available to non-enrolled individuals who are interested in gaining access to county services.

What The Ombuds Service Can Do for You?

The Behavioral Health Ombuds Service for King County offers information and referral and also helps with complaints and grievances. When a complaint is received, an Ombudsman will research and investigate the situation, advocate for the expressed interest of the client, and facilitate a resolution. The Ombuds Service will always attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level.

If a complaint cannot be resolved:

Complaints may be turned into a formal grievance. Ombuds staff also assists with the grievance procedures, including preparation for a State of Washington Fair Hearing.

  • Listen to your concern
  • Research the situation
  • Provide you with consultation
  • Serve as your advocate
  • Assist you in resolving the issue at the lowest possible level
  • Check back with you to ensure you haven't experienced retaliation
  • Assist in the preparation for a State of Washington Fair Hearing

What The Ombuds Cannot Do:

  • Give you legal advice
  • Serve as your case manager
  • Guarantee a specific outcome