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I have a GAU coupon. Where can I go for mental health care?

Please contact the medical clinic that you were assigned to by DSHS and ask to speak with a care manager. The care manager may tell you that mental health care is available for you at your primary medical clinic, or they may give you a number to call a community mental health agency. Further questions can be answered by the client services staff at the Community Health Plan of Washington.


Can you refer me to a psychiatrist who takes Medicaid coupons?

All King County service providers offer psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners that provide medication services. Not many psychiatrists in private practice accept Medicaid coupons. King County Mental Health does not have a list of private psychiatrists.


What can I do if I have Healthy Options or Molina Healthcare?

If you have a qualifying Medicaid coupon, you may contact one of the community mental health centers, as described above. If the community mental health centers tell you that you are not eligible for their services, you may wish to contact your medical doctor/agency. For details about your coverage, contact your insurance provider.


What do I do if I or my children have a Washington Basic Health Plan?

This plan may include some mental health care, including some outpatient care, some medication management and hospitalization. Your Washington Basic Health Plan primary care physician may refer you to mental health staff at your assigned medical clinic. Some clinics have a relatively small co-payment. You may call the Washington Basic Health Plan at 1-800-826-2444 to request a brochure and enrollment packet. Some children have Washington Basic Health Plan PLUS, which means they are covered for mental health services. You may call one of the community mental health agencies and let the intake worker know that your child has Washington Basic Health Plan PLUS.



How do I know if the provider I have chosen is a King County Mental Health Plan (KCMHP) provider?

Only those agencies listed on our King County Mental Health Service Provider list are in the KCMHP.


Will my medical coupon pay for services from a psychiatrist/non-contracted provider?

Private providers are not covered under our KCMHP provider list. If your private provider is interested in billing Medicaid for your services, they need to contact the Department of Health, Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) directly.

The agency I called won’t take my coupon. What should I do?

You may want to check with your DSHS worker or call your local Community Service Office to verify what type of coverage you have. If you do have a King County medical coupon, call the King County Mental Health Ombuds Service or the King County Mental Health Client Services office 1-800-790-8049 to assist you with enrolling in services.

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