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What is the Mental Health Plan?

The Mental Health Plan, also sometimes referred to as Prepaid Health Plan, is the state-funded managed care system of mental health services and supports.

What is the King County Mental Health System?

King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse & Dependency Services (MHCADSD) is a division of the Department of Community and Human Services. The MHCADS Division manages the mental health system in King County. It is responsible for creating standards, managing financial resources, and monitoring the quality of care. It is also responsible for authorizing and coordinating client care. Community mental health centers contract with MHCADSD to provide a wide variety of mental health treatment and supportive services.

What is managed care?

Managed care is a system of care where access, quality of care and costs are carefully managed. Managed care within the King County Mental Health Plan provides:

  • An individualized assessment by a mental health professional to ensure a treatment plan that meets your needs
  • Opportunity for active participation by clients and families in treatment planning and selecting goals
  • Culturally appropriate services
  • Service coordination with other agencies or systems as necessary
  • Timely access to services
  • Quality of care review.

What are mental health services?
Mental health has to do with how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others, and how you are able to get along in the community. Mental health services are designed to assist you to cope with life's challenges. Each person receives different services. Treatment may be very brief or may be long-term.

See who we serve for information about eligibility for services.

See client services for information about complaints or grievances.

What do I do if I feel there is a mental health crisis?

The Crisis Clinic provides 24-hour telephone crisis response and referral services for all King County residents. People at the Crisis Clinic will listen to your needs. They might make suggestions or offer a name or phone number of someone who can help you. They can also help you get an appointment the next day at a mental health center. Family members can call the Crisis Line, too.

Crisis Clinic

24-hour Crisis Line - 206-461-3222 or 1-866-427-4747 or TDD-206-461-3219

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