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Work is often a key piece of an individual’s recovery. The King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD) provides Supported Employment Services to job seekers and employed individuals who are enrolled in BHRD services. We believe that everyone can work when assisted with the right job match and ongoing post-hire employment supports that are unique to each job seeker and each employer’s workforce needs. We also believe that work is good for your recovery regardless of your or your loved one’s behavioral health condition(s), symptoms, barriers, impairments, or work history.

The behavioral health community used to discourage individuals from going to work, believing that work could negatively impact an individual’s treatment and stability. Today we know through multiple years of research and practice that negative impacts have been disproven and that employment is recommended as a critical component of wellness and recovery.

Research shows that benefits of work for...

  • People with mental health conditions include:
    • Increased income
    • Improved self esteem
    • Increased quality of life
    • Reduced symptoms
    • Reduced hospitalizations. 
  • People with substance use conditions include:
    • Higher rates of retention in treatment
    • Higher rates of successful outcomes in treatment.

Did you know?

The Behavioral Health Supported Employment Program has demonstrated significant reductions in hospitalizations by participants of this program. For more information on outcomes, see our fact sheet here.
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