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The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program promotes positive development of children, youth and families. The goals are to prevent and delay use of alcohol and other drugs, as well as to minimize the potential future harm from use.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program operates with federal prevention block grant funds that King County receives through the State of Washington Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. The program includes staff who promote substance abuse prevention services in King County. The majority of the funds are distributed to community-based agencies to provide alcohol and other drug prevention services through a competitive bid process.

What is the program approach?

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program is aligned with the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, which has adopted the risk and protective factor approach in all its prevention efforts.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program focuses on reducing the following risk factors:

  • Community laws and norms favorable toward drug use
  • Early first use of drugs
  • Family management problems
  • Favorable attitudes toward substance use
  • Transitions and mobility.

To help counteract risk factors, the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program works to increase the protective factor of bonding to community, family, and pro-social peers.

What types of prevention services are delivered?

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program allocates the majority of its funding toward agencies that deliver Best and Promising Practices. The program also supports innovative practices based in Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Principles of Effective Substance Abuse Prevention.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program currently contracts with 14 community-based agencies to provide prevention services in various locations around King County. These services include:

  • Parenting classes and support for families to raise healthy, drug-free children and youth.
  • Groups for children and youth to train them in life skills and to support them in being drug-free.
  • Culturally-specific prevention programs for diverse populations.
  • Allocation of small grants for youth groups to plan and implement drug-free activities.

What services do Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program staff provide?

Contract monitoring

Staff develop requests for proposals for prevention services, write contracts, and assist and support the contracted prevention agencies with planning and evaluating their programs. In addition, an evaluator assists each agency to develop an evaluation plan and tool specific to their own program.

Coalitions and coordination

Staff is also involved in local efforts with groups such as the King County Meth Action Team and the King County Traffic Safety Coalition. Staff represents the program in partnership with statewide groups such as the Association of County Human Services Chemical Dependency Prevention Committee and the Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington.

Youth surveys

Staff helps recruit local schools to participate in the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey, which includes information about current drug use and involvement in violent behaviors.

They also disseminate county-level survey reports. The most current Healthy Youth Survey was administered in Fall 2006:

  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 Interpretative Guide (pdf 67 KB)
  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 Highlights (pdf 97 KB)
  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 - Results for King County, Grade 6 (pdf 139 KB)
  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 - Results for King County, Grade 8 (pdf 231 KB)
  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 - Results for King County, Grade 10 (pdf 232 KB)
  • Healthy Youth Survey 2006 - Results for King County, Grade 12 (pdf 232 KB)

For more information, goto Healthy Youth Survey State of Washington Department of Health.

Other services

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program promotes various media and public awareness activities, such as Drug Free Washington Month in April and Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month in September.

The Program seeks ways to further enhance prevention programming in King County. This includes applying for grants and exploring new revenue sources.

What prevention resources are available for parents?

  • Parents: Will Your Kids Use Drugs?
    This pamphlet for parents discusses the risks that their child may use drugs: English version, Russian version.
  • Parents: Are Your Kids Using Drugs?
    This pamphlet is for parents who suspect that their child is using drugs. It helps parents to sort out whether their child's behavior is normal or may be a sign of drug use. Click here to find out more.
  • Start Talking Before They Start Drinking
    The focus of this Web site is to help parents/family members talk to their children about underage drinking. It includes family guides, resources, and research information.

Where can I find other useful prevention resources and links?

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