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In addition to the King County Diversion and Reentry Services, there are two state funded programs managed by King County serving individuals who are releasing from a Washington State Prison to services in the community.

The two King County programs are:

  • Offender Reentry Community Safety Program (ORCSP) formerly known as the Community Integration Assistance Program (CIAP)
  • Forensic Integrated Reentry Support and Treatment (FIRST) formerly known as Mentally Ill Offender-Community Transition Program (MIO-CTP or 6002 Program).

Each program involves legislatively defined eligibility criteria and a formal review and selection process.  Both programs are designed to serve adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

Referral and Placement Process

Personnel within the WA State Department of Corrections (DOC) identify eligible individuals who are incarcerated (ORCSP and FIRST) or under DOC supervision (FIRST only) and refer them to the Statewide Review Committee (for ORCSP) or the local community review team (for FIRST). Once reviewed and approved by either committee, Sound Mental Health staff engage the assigned participants in pre-release services and ongoing, post-release treatment and case management services in the community upon release from custody.

Program Capacity in King County

  • ORCSP capacity is dependent upon available funds, typically ranging from 60 to 70 participants

  • FIRST program capacity is 25 participants

For more information on these state-funded programs, please contact Susan Schoeld

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