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Reentry Planning (Jail Discharge Planning): These programs and staff are bridging legal and human services systems to connect individuals experiencing incarceration to behavioral health treatment and supportive services.

Release Planning Program

Serving the Adult King County Jail Facilities: Public Health-Seattle & King County Jail Health Services Division provides release planning services to eligible individuals incarcerated in King County Correctional Facility or Maleng Regional Justice Center. Release Planning staff assess reentry needs (behavioral health, physical health, housing, and other supportive service needs) and connect individuals to appropriate services in the community upon release from custody to promote community tenure.

For more information, please see this Release Planning Overview Document

Psychiatric Medications at KCCF and MRJC

To request psychiatric medications to the incarcerated individual's property via Jail Health Services and, if applicable, 30-day scripts for patients discharging from the King County Correctional Facility (KCCF) or the Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC), please use this Request for Psychiatric Medications at Release Form (instructions included).

In-Custody Substance Use Disorders Assessments and Placements

Experienced Chemical Dependency Professionals from King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division and Therapeutic Health Services provide substance use disorder (SUD) assessments and SUD residential treatment placements for adults incarcerated in the King County Jail facilities (King County Correctional Facility and Maleng Regional Justice Center) and Misdemeanor Jails in King County. Referrals for in-custody SUD assessments are restricted to the Release Planning program, Criminal Justice Liaison program, Reentry Case Management Programs (Veterans and Non-veterans), and local mental health and veterans court programs (King County and City of Seattle) as well as King County Drug Diversion Court.

Reentry Bridge Programs: These programs provide short-term reentry services focused on linkage to ongoing outpatient behavioral health treatment (e.g. mental health (MH) and/or substance use disorder (SUD) treatment) and Federally-funded Veterans Affairs healthcare system or in the broader mainstream publicly-funded MH and SUD treatment system.

Reentry Case Management Program (RCMS) coming in 2019

Veterans Reentry Case Management Program

DRS contracts with the State of Washington Department of Veterans Affairs to provide reentry case management services for eligible veterans incarcerated at the King County Correctional Facility, Maleng Regional Justice Center, and municipal jails in King County. Services include 90 days of bridge case management to ensure connection to Veterans Health Administration healthcare and other community-based veterans services (or mainstream services if/when appropriate).

Jail In-Custody Programs: These programs provider treatment services or supportive services to individuals during incarceration and assist with service linkage upon release from custody.

Transitional Recovery Program

DRS contracts with Pioneer Human Services (PHS) to provide the Transitional Recovery Program (TRP) at the Maleng Regional Justice Center.  PHS is a WA State licensed treatment provider and certified 60-day Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program. The TRP has a men’s program and women’s program, and serves individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Groups are held five days per week, Monday through Friday.  Referrals are restricted to participants of the King County Adult Drug Diversion Court and King County Regional Mental Health Court/Regional Veterans Court.

The Veterans Program at Maleng Regional Justice Center

rjcnewThe Incarcerated Veterans Program is a jail-based pilot program sited at the MRJC dedicated to providing support and services to eligible veterans incarcerated at the King County jail (i.e., King County Correctional Facility or Maleng Regional Justice Center).  Veterans who are incarcerated at the King County jail may volunteer to participate in specialized programs and/or unit housing with specific programming designed to address unique needs of veterans. The Veterans Program is a platform for various community volunteers and service providers to engage and serve those who have served in the U.S. military.

Programming is psychoeducational and reentry focused. The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention and the Department of Community and Human Services continue to seek out programming and services that will address the needs of program participants. Volunteers or agencies interested in providing programming or outreach services may contact Nancy Garcia ( and Chelsea Baylen ( for more information.

Community Center for Alternative Programs – Onsite Treatment Services (i.e., Enhanced CCAP)

Enhanced CCAP is a King County Community Corrections program that provides court-involved individuals with structured substance use treatment and/or Moral Reconation Therapy. Enhanced CCAP programming is provided by Sound Mental Health and includes comprehensive substance use assessment; Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and phase two Outpatient (OP) treatment services for those who are screened and assessed as having a substance use disorder and in need of treatment; Moral Reconation Therapy; and psycho-education groups.  Priority access to Enhanced CCAP programming is given to those individuals who are court ordered to participate in substance use disorder treatment and/or Moral Reconation Therapy at CCAP.

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