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Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in King County by providing services and supports to individuals, families, and communities affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse or chemical dependence.

Core Values

  1. Our division assists individuals in their journey toward recovery by helping each participant achieve his or her potential and lead a meaningful life in a community of his or her choosing.
  2. Our client-centered, coordinated system of service delivery is based on community assessment, measurable outcomes, and systematic program evaluation and is accountable to our clients and their families, funding agencies, and the taxpayers of King County.
  3. We ensure clients have access to a continuum of services and housing, including integrated services for clients with multiple needs.
  4. We provide holistic care to individuals and families that is achieved through collaboration and partnerships with other systems, institutions, and organizations.
  5. We minimize -- and eliminate where possible -- barriers to services and provide a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens.
  6. We provide services to individuals and families that are informed by research, evidence-based practice guidelines, and nationally recognized standards of care.
  7. We train systems staff in the nature of the diseases of mental illness and chemical dependency and provide access to cross-training about the interaction of co-occurring disorders.
  8. We recognize no hierarchy of illnesses and facilitate an environment that promotes equality, respect and synergy among mental health and chemical dependency professionals.
  9. We encourage the provision of services that are designed in collaboration with the individual, are clinically and culturally appropriate, and attempt to provide the array of supports needed for a person to achieve the highest possible quality of life while residing in an appropriate setting.
  10. We provide age-appropriate services that address the special needs of youth, adults and older adults.
  11. We offer outreach, engagement, and specialized services which address the unique needs of underserved populations, including ethnic and sexual minorities, persons with disabilities, persons who are homeless, and individuals in late-stage illness.
  12. We design and promote services that help to increase both individual and public safety.
  13. We encourage ourselves, our partners, and our subcontractors to provide ethical, responsive, and respectful services to our full range of customers.
  14. Our division provides leadership in public policy development, and education in combating stigma in the areas of mental illness and alcohol or other drug abuse or dependence and advocates for the resources necessary to achieve the system envisioned.


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