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King County voters have approved the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) for six years. King County must enact three plans to control the new levy's activities.

Once King County enacts the Transition and Implementation Plans, King County's Department of Community & Human Services will begin procurement processes to bring each VSHSL-funded strategy to the residents of King County. 

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Status of the VSHSL Plans

The VSHSL Transition Plan governs the first-year expenditures (2018) of the VSHSL. The Transition Plan is effective until superseded by adoption of the Implementation Plan, which will govern the final five years (2019-2023) of the VSHSL.

The Transition Plan allocates first-year VSHSL proceeds into four major categories: 

  1. Continuing Current VHSL Services in 2018
  2. New VSHSL Housing Stability Investments
  3. New Senior Center Investments
  4. Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Funds

Click here for legislative history and details of the VSHSL Transition Plan

As of 12/05/2017, the Transition Plan has been adopted by the King County Council.

Adopted VSHSL Transition Plan

The VSHSL Governance Plan was adopted by the King County Council on April 2, 2018.

The VSHSL Governance Plan incorporates input from the current Veterans Citizen Oversight Board, Regional Human Services Board, and Veterans Advisory Board. This plan envisions three resident boards and an executive committee to oversee the VSHSL.

The VSHSL Governance Plan proposes integration of King County’s state-mandated veterans board with the board that would be created to oversee the veterans portion of the VSHSL.

The legislative details and history for the VSHSL Governance Plan can be found here.

Read the adopted VSHSL Governance Plan here.

On July 16, 2018, the King County Council passed the VSHSL Implementation Plan.

The Implementation Plan describes the expenditure of levy proceeds (2019 - 2023) to achieve outcomes related to healthy living, housing stability, financial stability, social engagement, service system improvement and service system access for veterans and military servicemembers and their respective families, seniors and their caregivers, and vulnerable populations.

The VSHSL Implementation Plan is available and has been adopted by the council.

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How has your feedback influenced the renewal process? 

The following reports incorporated feedback received from over a thousand residents in the past year: 

Veterans & Human Services Levy: VHSL Assessment Report Veterans & Human Services Levy: Veterans Housing Report Veterans, Seniors, & Human Services Levy: Blueprint Report Veterans, Seniors, & Human Services Levy: Ballot Measure Ordinance


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