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(Note that all awards are conditional upon HUD approval and funding levels)

Northeast Subregion Awards

ARCH Housing Set-Aside: $126,455 (40% of $316,137)

Encompass Parking Lot: $85,000

Northeast Contingency: $104,682

If funding levels higher, Encompass will be increased; if lower, Contingency will be reduced.

South Subregion Awards

Tukwila Minor Home Repair: $100,000

Habitat for Humanity Skyway/Highline UIKC Home Repair: $100,000

Black Diamond Morganville Water Main: $358,517

New Roots Microenterprise: $60,000

* If available funds are higher than projected, Black Diamond Morganville Water Main will receive additional funding up to the maximum request of $560,000. Any remaining additional funds would be dedicated to Tukwila Minor Home Repair ** If available funds are lower than projected, Black Diamond Morganville Water Main award will be reduced.



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