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Within 45 days from the date you request Birth-to-Three services, you and your team will meet to develop an IFSP. The IFSP is a document designed to identify supports and strategies for achieving outcomes that will enhance your child’s development. Your FRC will coordinate the development of the IFSP in collaboration with you and other family members and with input from members of the multi-disciplinary team, such as an EI specialist, your medical providers, and other people important in your child’s life such as grandparents, childcare providers, and others.

The IFSP is a written plan of action that you develop with your team that:

  • Describes your child’s current level of development
  • Addresses your child and family’s strengths and needs
  • Identifies your family’s concerns, priorities and resources
  • Identifies outcomes, strategies and methods to meet your priorities
  • Identifies the locations where services and supports will occur
  • Is reviewed at least every six months or more often as needed.

An important part of an IFSP meeting is to address changes your family wants to see for your child or for your family. These are called outcomes.

Examples of outcomes:

  • Christy will play with a few toys on her own.
  • Jason will be able to sit with us during church.
  • Miguel will be able to eat with us during our family meals.
  • Meredith will begin to tell us what she wants using signs.

After the IFSP team has identified outcomes for the child and family, necessary services and supports are determined. The team decides and includes in the IFSP:

  • How often each service and support is needed to meet the outcome
  • What team member will be responsible for each activity and support
  • Manner in which the service will be provided
  • Location where each Birth-to-Three service will occur

See Preparing for Your Child's IFSP.

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