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FAQs on Birth-to-Three Services

Who is eligible for Birth-to-Three services?

    Any child under the age of 36 months, who resides with a Washington resident and has a 25 percent delay or shows a 1.5 standard deviation below his or her age in one or more of the following developmental areas:
    • Cognitive Development
    • Physical development, including vision, hearing, and fine and gross motor skills
    • Communication development
    • Social or emotional development, and
    • Adaptive development

A child may also be eligible if he/she has a physical or mental condition such as Down Syndrome that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

Who can refer a child to Birth-to-Three Services?

    Anyone who has a concern about a child’s development may make a referral. This includes parents, guardians, foster parents and family members. Professionals such as pediatricians, other physicians, social workers, nurses, child care providers, or others who have contact with a child can also make a referral for Birth-to-Three services. If someone other than the child’s parents makes the referral, the parents will be contacted for their permission before any action is taken.

How do I refer a child?

        Contact the WithinReach Family Health Hotline by phone at 1-800-322-2588. You will be asked for basic information, such as the name,
        address, and telephone number of the family, along with the reason for the referral and whether the person making the referral has spoken
        with the family about their concerns.        

Who will conduct the evaluation of my child’s development?

    The evaluations are conducted by at least two properly certified or licensed professionals (therapists, teachers, nurses and other specialists) who have training and experience in the development of infants and toddlers. If you already have recent evaluations that were completed by a properly licensed or certified professional, those results can be considered as part of the evaluation to determine eligibility for Birth-to-Three services.

What is an IFSP and why do I need it?

    An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is a written plan that is developed by your family, the Birth-to-Three specialists and others important in your child’s life. Your IFSP will be the roadmap that identifies where you and your child are starting from and where you plan to go. You may decline any service and still choose to participate in others listed on your IFSP. You and your FRC will check it every so often to make sure that you and your child are progressing toward your goals, making adjustments as needed.

Will I have to pay for Birth-to-Three services?

         Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the federal law that guides how Birth-to-Three services are
         provided. The IDEA permits Family Cost Participation (FCP) for some Birth-to-Three services. The FCP includes the use of a family's public
         or private insurance. Under some circumstances, FCP may also include family fees. For more information see the Family Cost Participation
         Brochure (External version in English).

          What if I have a complaint about or do not agree with my child’s evaluation or the IFSP services that my child receives?

            You have rights and protections to resolve disagreements related to your Birth-to-Three services. Those rights are called Procedural Safeguards.

          How do I contact a Birth-to-Three Program Manager?

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