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  1. The Contractor shall prepare and submit within three months of the execution of the Contract the necessary plans, procedures and protocols to:

    1. Respond to and recover from a natural disaster or major disruption to Contractor operations such as a work stoppage; and

    2. Continue operations during a prolonged event such as a pandemic.

  2. If the Contractor has contracted with the Department of Community and Human Services within the last 36 months, the Contractor shall submit an emergency response plan within one month of the execution of the Contract. 

  3. The Contractor shall conduct exercises or drills to test the effectiveness of its plans at least once a year and document the results of the exercise or drill.

  4. The Contractor shall prepare the plans in a format approved by the County. The explanation of the format will include the specific content of the Contractor’s plans. The County will specify areas that must be addressed in the Contractor’s plan. 

  5. The County may waive the requirements in subsections A, B, C or D. upon written request by the Contractor identifying compelling reasons why such requirements should not apply.
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