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The Healthy Families and Communities Task Force (HFC) was convened by King County Executive Ron Sims in July 2005 and charged with identifying the amount of financing needed to stabilize human services for the future; identifying possible new revenue sources for that funding; and identifying the charge, membership and appointment process for a new Regional Human Services Board. Members represented government, business, faith, housing, social services and philanthropy. They met monthly for ten months, issuing their final report in June 2006. See: Task Force members.


The HFC was meant to pick up where the earlier Task Force on Regional Human Services (TFRHS) left off, moving the human services system closer to stability. Their work built on that of the TFRHS, as well as the work of the council and the council's Regional Policy Committee in studying the countywide human service systems. As before, the Healthy Families and Communities Task Force focused its work on a specific, identified set of services (103 KB DOC) to be provided through a countywide partnership, and grouped into five Community Goal Areas.

Meeting Summaries

News releases

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  • Appendix A: List of Regional and Local Human Services (2002) King County Regional Policy Committee (PDF)
  • Appendix B: King County Ordinance 15279 - Veterans and Human Services Levy (446 KB PDF)
  • Appendix C: Estimating Unmet Human Services Need: Methodology For Cost Estimates (PDF)
  • Appendix D: Analysis of Election Results King County Proposition One Veterans And Human Services Levy (288 KB PDF)
  • Appendix E : Human Services Funding Gap Analysis (211 KB PDF)
  • Appendix F: Funding Options For Human Services (PDF)
  • Appendix G: King County Ordinance 15406 - Veterans and Human Services Levy Implementation (713 KB PDF)
  • Appendix H: Healthy Families And Communities Task Force - Resolution For Funding of Human Services In King County (PDF)
  • Appendix I: King County Human Services Milestones (PDF)

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