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  1. The Board Chair shall select one Board member to serve as moderator of the informational meeting.

  2. Board members other than the moderator are discouraged from participating in the meeting. If Board members choose to attend, they should attend as observers only. Board members should not sit either at a table in front or in reserved seats in the front row. Board members should not either ask or answer questions.

  3. Four separate tables will be set up in front for the following groups:

    1. The Moderator and Executive Secretary

    2. The incorporation proponent(s) who filed the notice of intent to circulate incorporation petitions

    3. Any organized opposition group which contacts the Executive Secretary prior to the meeting and arranges to make a presentation

  4. A panel of experts, including representatives from King County, surrounding cities, water and sewer districts with jurisdiction in the area, fire districts serving the area, and other governmental entities which may be affected

  5. The meeting will begin with an outline of the incorporation procedure presented by the Executive Secretary of the Board, rather than with the presentation by the incorporation proponents.

  6. The presentation by the proponents will be second on the agenda.

  7. A presentation by any known opposition group will be third on the agenda. If Board staff is unaware of any organized opposition group, the published meeting notice shall include an invitation to contact the Executive Secretary concerning recognition as an opposition group which will make a presentation.

  8. Representatives of King County, surrounding cities, water and sewer districts with jurisdiction in the area, and fire districts serving the area will be asked to sit on a panel of experts available to answer questions. Letters of invitation shall inform participants that presentations will be separate from panel participation and that representatives will need to sign up as speakers to present their positions. The introduction of panel members will include a statement that participation on the panel is not an indication of support for the incorporation proposal.

  9. Final remarks by the proponents at the end of the meeting will be limited to response to suggested boundary modifications and a statement concerning finalization and circulation of the petition. These limitations are included in the proposed amendments to the Board Rules of Practice and Procedure.