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Is your agency/community proposing to change/create new boundaries?

Would you like some guidance?

The Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County is pleased to announce that Application Planning Services (APSP) will continue to be available.

Services are available to municipalities, special purpose districts, and all other government agencies planning to submit Notices of Intention to the Boundary Review Board for annexations, deannexations, incorporations, mergers, assumptions, extensions of service and all other creation of/changes to jurisdictional boundaries.  Citizens and jurisdictions may request APSP to prepare a Notice of Intention that successfully meets statutory requirements and addresses the interests of the community.

The Boundary Review Board offers the Application Planning Services Program to guide local jurisdictions, technical and legal consultants, representatives of County and State governments, citizens, and other stakeholders.  We encourage all agencies to participate in these Services in order to ensure:

  • Compliance with RCW 36.93, RCW 36.70A; SEPA Rules, the King County Comprehensive Plan, as well as various other regional/local statutes and plans  as required for submittal of an NOI to the Boundary Review Board.
  • Compliance with RCW 36.93, RCW 36.70A; SEPA Rules, the King County Comprehensive Plan, as well as various other regional/local statutes and plans  as required for the Boundary Review Board assessment and adjudication of an NOI.

Citizens and jurisdictions may wish to participate in APSP if the affected communities have limited experience/expertise in the planning process for transition of lands to local jurisdictions.  Through APSP, the Board guides citizens and jurisdictions to legal requirements; technical data standards; fiscal standards; public services/infrastructure standards; tools for assessment of a proposed action; benefits and costs data; and procedural guidance necessary for annexations and other actions.

Proponents may also seek APSP to develop strategies to address issues arising from concerns relating to multifaceted, complex, and/or controversial matters such as land designation/use, public facilities/services, government resources, and/or conflicting interests among community members.

The Application Planning Services Program (APSP) supports the Board in the independent administration and adjudication of proposals for creation of or changes to jurisdictional boundaries pursuant to RCW 36.93: Boundary Review Board Act; RCW 36.70A: Growth Management Act; King County Comprehensive Plan/Countywide Planning Policies, and various other state, regional, and local authorities.

Jurisdictions participating in the Application Planning Services Program have generally submitted Notices of Intention which more comprehensively address laws and community interests.  Complete Notices of Intention benefit from support of affected governments and community members.  Such applications are less likely to be contested before the Boundary Review Board.  Resolution of conflict through collaborative efforts – rather than through the invoking of jurisdiction – better meets the King County Regional Services/Local Services Mandates.  Incorporation of lands into local jurisdictions is more easily accomplished.  Resources are conserved by the County and by the Boundary Review Board.  APSP creates good will in the community.  Local communities that participate in APSP benefit from reduced costs for submittal and administration of Notices of Intention.