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About the Boundary Review Board

About the Boundary Review Board

Based on Chapter 36.93 of the Revised Code of Washington, the King County Boundary Review Board was formed in 1967 and provides independent, quasi-judicial review of proposals for creation of or changes to boundaries by cities and by special purpose districts (e.g., fire districts, and water/sewer districts) within King County. Through this review process, the Board ensures logical growth in the communities of King County.

The Board offers a unique opportunity for citizens to participate in review of creation of or changes to boundaries of cities and special purpose districts before a neutral hearing body. The Board serves to provide application standards, review protocols, review criteria, review processes, review timelines, legal counsel, and administrative responsibilities.

Board membership

Appointed by Special Purpose Districts (term expires 03/31/17)
  • Real Estate Instructor, Renton Technical College
  • Real Estate Sales Person
  • Director of National Association of Realtors
  • Bellevue resident
Appointed by King County (term expires 01/31/17)
  • Senior Program Administrator
Appointed by King County Executive (term expires 01/31/17)
  • Retired Businesswoman
  • Former liaison to King County Records and Elections
Appointed by the King County Executive (term expires 01/31/17)
  • Community Planner (Retired)
  • Educator
  • Management Consultant
Appointed ty the Cities of King County
  • Business Consultant
  • Program Manager – Microsoft
  • Former member of the Bellevue Planning Commission
Appointed by Mayors (term expires 01/31/19)
  • Transportation Planner/Engineer
  • Former Member Newcastle City Council
  • Member Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • Board Member YMCA
Appointed by the Governor (term expires 01/31/19)
  • Of Counsel with Snohomish County
Appointed by Special Purpose Districts (term expires 02/28/17)
  • Retired Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District – General Manager
Appointed by the Cities of King County (term expires 01/31/17)
  • Geographer
  • Land Use Planner (Snohomish)
Appointed by Special Purpose Districts (term expires February 28, 2017)
  • Retired Fire Chief, KCFD # 26
Appointed by the King County Executive (term expires 01/31/19)
  • Demographer – Snohomish County

NOTE: The bylaws of the Boundary Review Board require that all correspondence related to official files must be signed by the author and received by the BRB in hard copy. The BRB cannot accept nor respond to file-related matters sent by e-mail.

The BRB can receive and answer generic questions via e-mail.

New city incorporations

The BRB oversees preparation of an impartial consultant study to assess the financial feasibility of the proposed new city. Following completion of the study, the Board holds a public hearing, establishes final boundaries, and makes a recommendation to the voters, who make the final decision in an election on the incorporation.

Other proposed actions

For all other proposed actions, including annexations, the BRB notifies all potentially interested jurisdictions of the action, but holds a hearing only if the action is contested. The request for a hearing and Board review must come from an affected jurisdiction or from residents or property owners by petition. Following the hearing in contested cases, the Board may approve, deny, or modify the boundaries of the proposed annexation, merger or other boundary action.
Lenora Blauman
Executive Secretary
Phone: 206-477-0634
Angélica Velásquez
Administrative Staff Assistant
Phone: 206-477-0633

Mailing address:

Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County
400 Yesler Way, Rm. 205
Seattle, WA 98104

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