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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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Video Report by the King County Assessor

City of Kent:

Quick Facts – Population, Employment, Housing and Development Activity
List of maps – fire district and fire stations, fire and rescue boundary, neighborhoods, school districts, water district service area, utility service areas, environmentally critical areas

City of Auburn:

Quick Facts
List of maps

Taxing Districts:

School District: Auburn, Kent
Fire Protection: VRFA
Library: N/A
Public Hospital: VMC
Water: AU, SCWS, KU, KCWD 111
Sewer: AU, SCWS, KU
Parks: N/A
Cemetery: N/A

King County Council:

District 7: Pete von Reichbauer

Regional Agencies:

Puget Sound Regional Council:
Population and Housing Estimates, Employment
KC Sheriff:
KC Crime Statistics, Sex Offender Search
KC Metro Transit:
Transit Statistics, Schedules & Maps

State Agencies:

Population Estimates, Census 2010 Figures, Uniform Crime Report, School Enrollment Data

Federal Agencies:

US Census:
ZIP Code Statistics, KC Quick Facts
Labor and Income Statistics, Economic Indicators, Agricultural Statistics