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Petition for Property Tax Refund

Property owners may qualify for a refund due to correction of manifest errors that were relied on or used for the property assessment. Examples of a manifest error could be the incorrect square footage of your house or lot.

WAC (Washington Administrative Code) 458-14-005 provides the following definition of “manifest error” in listing or assessment of property for property revaluation purposes.

(14) "Manifest error" means an error in listing or assessment, which does not involve a revaluation of property, including the following:

  • (a) An error in the legal description;
  • (b) A clerical or posting error;
  • (c) Double assessments;
  • (d) Misapplication of statistical data;
  • (e) Incorrect characteristic data;
  • (f) Incorrect placement of improvements;
  • (g) Erroneous measurements;
  • (h) The assessment of property exempted by law from taxation;
  • (i) The failure to deduct the exemption allowed by law to the head of a family; or
  • (j) Any other error which can be corrected by reference to the records and valuation methods applied to similarly situated properties, without exercising appraisal judgment.

If you think you qualify, you may download the form here (.PDF) and return with documentation or evidence to support your claim. Refunds may be made for up to 6 years, however, a separate “Petition for Property Tax Refund” claim form is required to be submitted for each tax year.