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At-Risk-Youth (ARY) Petitions
When parents do not want to call the police (or they have called the police but there has not been an arrest or police report filed), they can file an At-Risk-Youth petition in juvenile court. ARY Petitions are civil petitions that enable you to get help from juvenile court in setting limits with youth under 18 and have them mandated to go to counseling. ARY petitions do not require police involvement or the filing of criminal charges.
Criteria for ARY Petitions:
        To be eligible for an ARY the youth must have one of the following conditions:

  1. The youth is ‘beyond parental control’ –using behavior endangering the safety or welfare of child or other person (includes violence or abuse); or
  2. The youth is absent from the home at least 72 hours without parental consent; or
  3. The youth has a substance abuse problem with non-pending criminal charges relating to the substance abuse.
For assistance:
    Call Family Reconciliation Service at 1-800-562-5624 and tell them you want to get an At-Risk-Youth Petition.

    View the Superior Court's ARY Webpage
You can let the court or caseworker know that you would like your son or daughter to attend the Step-Up program for mandated counseling.