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The Juvenile Court handles all cases where a juvenile is accused of committing an offense. An offense is behavior that is a crime if done by an adult. Offenses may be misdemeanors (least serious), gross misdemeanors (more serious), or felonies (most serious).

Based on reports from law enforcement, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office may refer an offender case to "Diversion" (for low-level offenses) or may file an "Information" accusing the youth of committing an offense. If an information is filed, the juvenile must go to court.

Juvenile Court also handles traffic and civil infractions if the juvenile charged with the infraction is less than 16 years old. Infractions are not offenses. An example of a traffic infraction is speeding. An example of a civil infraction is underage smoking.                                                                      

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Juvenile Court Reference Information 


The Juvenile Court process can be confusing if you are new to the court. The following links may help you find your way:

The following video provides an overview of the Juvenile Court process:

The following resource booklet provides a wealth of information for families involved with the juvenile justice system.

The King County Department of Public Defense provides legal services to children who are facing criminal charges in Juvenile Court or youth facing at-risk youth, CHINS or truancy petitions. Go here to read about the kinds of legal services Public Defense provides. Or call (206) 477-9727 to see if you qualify for a public defender.”

Information about the Children and Family Justice Center

A variety of programs serve the public and assist you involved in, or at risk of involvement in, juvenile offender cases. These include:

A variety of juvenile offender forms are also available online.

Learn about the history of Juvenile Court in annual reports stretching back to 1911.

For King County Superior Court Annual Reports from 1998-present, please visit THIS WEBPAGE.

To contact the Juvenile Court visit the Contact Superior Court webpage.

All juvenile offender hearings take place at the Youth Services Center (Juvenile Court) in Seattle. Juvenile Detention also is located there.