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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-728

Phone: 206-477-1525


Bailiff: Janie Smoter

Department: 33

Assignment: Civil

Judge Rosen Biographical Information

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DO NOT email Judge Rosen directly. All correspondence must go through the bailiff.

Civil Case Information, Forms, and Documents

Rules to Review before Calling

  • Ex Parte Procedures - King County Local Rule 40.1

  • Procedures for motions without oral argument - King County Local Rule 7

  • Revision & Reconsideration - King County Local Rule 7

  • Trial Continuance - King County Local Rule 40

  • Summary Judgments - Civil Rule 56

  • Motion to dismiss - Civil Rule 12

  • Motion to set aside judgment - Civil Rule 60

Non-Dispositive Motions

Parties must comply with all the requirements of KCLR 7 when setting motions without oral argument. All non-dispositive motions will be considered by the Court without oral argument unless a party requests oral argument and the Court deems oral argument to be necessary. If you wish to request oral argument, please so indicate on the front page of your motion or opposition. Judge Rosen will consider the request when he reviews the motion on the date noted for hearing without oral argument. If at that time the Court decides to hear oral argument, the bailiff will contact the parties regarding scheduling. If the Court does not grant oral argument, you will receive a courtesy copy of the Court’s order on the non-dispositive motion once the court enters a ruling.

Dispositive Motions and Hearing Requests

Dispositive motions are heard on Fridays. Judge Rosen’s dispositive motion calendar is available below. Judge Rosen is available in one-hour slots which are noted as “free” on this calendar. Please select a date from this calendar, and then check with all opposing counsel or pro se parties to make sure that the date works before contacting the bailiff. Doing so reduces the need to reschedule hearings due to conflicts.

Once you have selected a date and confirmed all parties’ availability, you must contact the bailiff to confirm the date is still available. DO NOT note your motion until the bailiff has sent back confirmation.

Any email request for a dispositive motion hearing must include the following:

  • Case name and cause number

  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses of all counsel

  • Type of hearing and date(s) requested

Judge Rosen will provide additional time on hearings involving multi-party cases or complex litigation.  Please advise the bailiff of your request when scheduling.

Other types of motions that are granted oral argument are motions for restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, revisions, and class certification hearings.

No Deliveries Directly to the Courtroom

Unless arrangements have been made directly with Judge Rosen’s bailiff, no deliveries are to be made directly to the courtroom. All deliveries should be made to the judges' mailroom. (See mailing address above.)

Pretrial Requirements

All trial memoranda, proposed jury instructions, and other trial submissions are due no later than five court days prior to trial. All submissions should be forwarded to Judge Rosen, care of the judges' mailroom. (See mailing address above.)

Deposition designations and objections shall be provided to the Court at least five days prior to trial, along with other pretrial materials.

Hearing / Trial Information

General trial schedule is Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Judge Rosen hears civil non-dispositive motions and sentence modification hearings at 4:00 PM. All 4:00 PM hearings will conclude no later than 4:25 PM.

If you have a civil case which is assigned to Judge Rosen, there is the possibility that your case could be assigned to another judge at the time of trial.  The assignment will generally take place on Thursday afternoon prior to trial. You are still required to comply with all court rules regarding pretrial submissions and deadlines. All papers submitted will be provided to the trial judge at the time of assignment by Judge Rosen’s bailiff. To determine what judge you have been assigned to for trial, please check the Civil Standby Calendar. It will be updated on Thursday afternoon prior to trial and is continuously updated (as needed) at other times.

Judge Rosen requires all counsel and parties to be prepared at the end of each day to disclose all witnesses that party is intending to call the following day in trial.




Judge Rosen performs weddings Monday – Friday at 4:30 PM at the King County Courthouse.  He also performs weekend weddings at the King County Courthouse, or off-site.  Please see for availability and fee information.