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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, for Martin Luther King Day.  
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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-728

Bailiff: Paige Weir


Phone: 206-477-4936

Department: 37

Assignment: Unified Family Court

Extern Opportunities:   Judge Mack is accepting applications at this time.

Weddings:  Judge Mack does not perform ceremonies

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Bailiff emails copies of signed orders to the parties.  Do not provide envelopes unless there is a pro se party that has NOT supplied an email address for orders

Hearing Requests

The bailiff handles the scheduling of all hearings. Requests for hearing dates are accepted by email sent to the bailiff.

Motions for Summary Judgment and all other civil motions with oral argument are heard on Friday mornings only; civil motions without oral argument may be set for any day, which meets service requirements of the rule. Please contact the court to schedule your hearing at least two months prior to the hearing date requested.

Email must include the following information and include all parties to the case:

  • Case name and cause number
  • Type of motion/hearing
  • Moving party, name of counsel and counsel's phone number and email.
  • Please include at least two proposed dates that work for all parties.

Trial Exhibits

Pursuant to Local Rule 16 (5), the Joint Statement of Evidence is to be filed, not later than 5 court days before the scheduled trial date. Both parties will prepare a joint statement of evidence listing any objections they may have to each other's exhibits.

As a courtesy to the courtroom clerk, please deliver the trial exhibits notebooks to the Judge’s Mailroom (C-203 of the King County Courthouse with the Judge's name clearly marked) two (2) or three (3) days prior to the trial date and include two (2) copies of the joint statement of evidence.

Exhibit Notebooks

Submit exhibits in three-ring binders no larger than 3” rings.  Do not overcrowd the documents to allow for ease in marking the documents. 

Please use numbered tabs to separate exhibits.  Pages are to be printed on single-side only.  Do not mark directly on any exhibit, as this will be done by the courtroom clerk.

Numbering Exhibits

  • Plaintiff/Petitioner’s exhibit range will begin at 1 and will end at 100.

  • Defendant/Respondent’s exhibit range will begin at 101 and will end at 200.

  • Exhibits shall be numbered consecutively up to the last proposed exhibit.  Alpha-numerical will not be used.

  • Additional exhibits presented during trial will be marked and designated by the Clerk. 

Providing Copies of Exhibit Notebooks

Counsel/Party will present two sets of exhibits to Court.  The first (original set) will be marked by the clerk and used at trial.  The second set is a copy for the judge.  Counsel/Party will provide a courtesy copy to opposing counsel/party.

In order to keep the trial moving smoothly, please remember:

  1. Address the admissibility of problematic exhibits during pretrial (if predictable).
  2. Anything given to a witness must be marked as an exhibit.
  3. Anything shown to the jury must first be admitted as an exhibit
  4. Illustrative exhibits do not go to the jury room.
  5. Give opposing counsel an opportunity to view any exhibits or materials before introducing it in court. 
  6. Any item referred to by the witness is to be identified by exhibit number.
  7. The courts exhibit notebook is to remain intact.
  8.  Once an exhibit has been marked by the clerk, it is officially in her/his custody.  To withdraw an exhibit prior to the completion of trial, attorney/party will need to make a motion to withdraw the exhibit (on record) in open court.
  9. Deposition are not to be marked as exhibits.  See “Deposition” section for more information.

Digital / Electronic Exhibits:

Digital exhibits should be on a CD/DVD in PDF formatting and only contain ONE exhibit per CD/DVD. 

Thumb drives are not accepted as exhibits because they are too small to put labels on and mark properly.

Do not include multiple sets of documentation on one CD/DVD.  Be sure to clearly label the CD/DVD and if there are several CD/DVDs that back up the document on a disk, clearly indicate Disk # of #.   

(i.e.): Bank Statements for Account 123 and Bank Statements for Account 890 are each on a separate CD/DVD.  They are not on the same CD/DVD.  If Account 123 has five (5) disks being used, they should be labeled Account 123 Disk 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc. 

Place the CD/DVDs in sleeves that properly fit in the notebooks.  If they contain the backup for a summary document, they can be placed behind that summary document.

If any pages from a CD/DVD are utilized at trial, it is the attorney’s responsibility to provide the Court with a printed copy.  The Court and staff does not print them for you.  The printed copy should be given an exhibit number.


Originals should be sealed and published in open court in front of the Jury, and when they are used for impeachment of testimony.  Depositions that are not published during trial, will not be filed and will be returned to counsel.

Depositions are not to be marked as an exhibit since they are part of the court file.  Exhibits to depositions may be marked as exhibits in evidence.  Otherwise, all unattached exhibits in a deposition should be secured inside the back cover of the deposition.

Please contact Judge Mack’s clerk for additional questions regarding exhibits:

Court Recording/Court Reporter

Judge Mack’s hearings are recorded on the electronic record, FTR, but does have access to a court reporter if requested. 

Attorneys should contact the bailiff at least one week prior to their hearing if they wish to have the court reporter present.