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King County Courthouse Third Avenue entrance closed until January 1, 2020. Please use alternative routes.  
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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
401 4th Ave. N, Room 2D
Kent, WA 98032


Courtroom Number: 3A

Phone: 206-477-1623


Bailiff: Trisha Del Valle

Department: 51

Assignment: Civil and Criminal

Judge Erlick Biographical Information

Helpful Links

Civil Case Information, Forms, and Documents

Rules to Review before Calling

  • Ex Parte Procedures - King County Local Rule 40.1
  • Procedures for motions without oral argument - King County Local Rule 7
  • Revision & Reconsideration - King County Local Rule 7
  • Trial Continuance - King County Local Rule 40
  • Summary Judgments - Civil Rule 56
  • Motion to dismiss - Civil Rule 12
  • Motion to set aside judgment - Civil Rule 60


Court Transcripts

Judge Erlick operates a digitally recorded courtroom. If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you want a copy of the CD, notify the courtroom clerk, who will be able to provide the information needed at the end of the hearing. You must then complete the form available on the clerk’s website using the link above entitled ‘get copies of court documents.’ If at some time following the hearing or trial, you determine you need a copy of the CD, it may be obtained directly from the clerk’s office copy center. The direct phone number is 206-296-7848.

If you need to have a transcript created, a list of Court Approved Transcriptionists is available on the Clerk’s Office Web Page (link above).

Requesting / Setting Oral Argument for Motions

If you are setting a dispositive motion, you must email the bailiff and schedule time on Judge Erlick's calendar. If you do not have access to email, please call the above number. Dispositive motions are generally set on Friday mornings (at 45-minute intervals). Please call to schedule your hearing at least 2 months prior to the hearing date you would like to request. Other types of motions that are granted oral argument are motions for restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, revisions, and class certification hearings.

Most other motions do not require oral argument under the Civil Rules or Local Rules (see links above). If a party would like to request oral argument, the motion should be noted pursuant to the applicable court rules, simply noting in the upper right hand corner "Oral Argument Requested". After Judge Erlick has reviewed all briefing (moving papers, responses, and replies), if the Court determines oral argument is appropriate, the bailiff will contact the parties and set a mutually acceptable time for oral argument to be presented.

Submitting Papers for Motions with Oral Argument

For all papers submitted, including caselaw provided to the Court, please provide the bench copy on three-hole punched paper.

Submitting Papers for Motions without Oral Argument

For all working papers for non-oral motions, hard copies and signed proposed orders are required. If the thickness exceeds 1.5 inches, working copies must be three-hole punched and/or bound in a notebook.

Conformed Copies from the Court

A copy of all signed orders will be emailed to counsel and parties. The moving party shall provide email addresses for this purpose when noting the motion. Upon receipt of the order, copies shall be forwarded by the prevailing party to all other counsel/parties not included in the Court's email.

No Deliveries Directly to the Courtroom

Unless arrangements have been made directly with Judge Erlick's bailiff, no deliveries are to be made directly to the courtroom. All deliveries should be made to the judges' mailroom. (See mailing address above.)

Pretrial Requirements

Pursuant to KCLR 40(d)(2), all trial memoranda and other trial submissions are due not later than five court days prior to trial. Please contact the clerk by email to obtain information on pre-numbering exhibits. All submissions should be made to Judge Erlick, in care of the judges' mailroom. (See mailing address above.)

In addition, Judge Erlick requires all parties and counsel to work together to complete the Witness Examination Time Form, and that form must be submitted together with other pretrial memoranda five court days prior to trial.

If the parties intend to use depositions in trial, designations and objections shall be marked according to the guidelines provided here. Deposition designations and objections shall be provided to the Court at least five days prior to trial, along with all other pretrial materials.

Prior to Appearing in Judge Erlick's Court for Hearings or Trial

Prior to appearing in Judge Erlick's court, please review the Rules for Conduct in his courtroom.

Hearing / Trial Information

General trial schedule is Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. However, Judge Erlick requests all parties to plan accordingly so that trial may actually begin at 9:00am. Should any party require time to set up or prepare prior to beginning at 9:00am, the courtroom is open not later than 8:30am every morning to accommodate preparation/set-up time requirements. However, please contact the bailiff the day before to determine accessibility to accommodate preparation/set-up time requirements.

Judge Erlick requires all counsel and parties to be prepared at the end of each day to disclose all witnesses that party is intending to call the following day in trial.