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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-928

Phone: 206-477-1385


Bailiff: Peggy Wu

Department: 10

Assignment: Chief Civil

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Copies of Non-Washington Authority Not Necessary

Judge Cahan does not require parties to submit copies of all cited non-Washington authorities (upon which parties placed substantial reliance) to the court per LCR 7(b)(5)(B)(v).

Requests for Oral Argument on Non-Dispositive Motions (KCLCR 7)

If you wish to have oral argument on a non-dispositive motion, please note the motion without oral argument and note "ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED" on the first page of your motion or opposition. Judge Cahan will consider the request when she reviews the motion on the date the motion is noted. If the Court decides to allow oral argument, the bailiff will contact all parties to schedule a date and time for oral argument on the motion. If the Court declines to set oral argument, parties will receive a courtesy copy of any order that is entered.

Trial Preparation

Please observe the following protocols when preparing for trial:

Civil Calendar Trials

  • Please file the Joint Confirmation of Trial Readiness per case schedule deadline.  Status conferences, CR 16 conferences, and pre-trial conferences will be scheduled at the court’s discretion.
  • Pursuant to KCLCR 4, trial briefs, the joint statement of evidence, proposed jury instruction (if jury trial), proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law (if bench trial), and other trial submissions are due no later than five (5) court days prior to trial.  Please email proposed orders in WORD format to the bailiff.
  • Please notify the court immediately if there are issues affecting your trial, such as interpreter needs, scheduling issues, or other special needs.


  • All counsel and parties must be prepared at the end of each day to disclose all witnesses that party is intending to call the following day in trial.


  • Counsel/parties shall prepare three-ring notebooks which contain the exhibits listed in the Joint Statement of Evidence.  Each party should deliver two sets of exhibits to the judge’s mailroom no later than five (5) court days prior to trial. The Clerk’s Copy are the original exhibits that will be marked by the clerk and used at trial. The Judge’s Copy is a working copy for the Judge.
  • If exhibits are voluminous, the court prefers the Judge’s Copy of exhibits to be submitted in electronic format on a CD or a USB flash drive.  The Clerk’s Copy still needs to be in binders.  If there is a large number of binders, please contact the bailiff to deliver binders directly to the courtroom.
  • Plaintiff's exhibits start with number 1 and move forward sequentially.  Depending on how many exhibits there are and how many additional exhibits may be introduced in the court of the trial, defendant start theirs at the next 100 – e.g. 100, 200, 300…etc.
  • Exhibit should not be pre-marked, but placed behind numbered tab corresponding with the number designated in the Joint Statement of Evidence.
  • Depositions are not to be included as exhibits. Original depositions should be sealed and published in open court in front of the jury.

Motions in Limine

  • Please present Motions in Limine in a single pleading in an omnibus format rather than one motion per pleading. 

Jury Instructions

  • Each party shall submit a full set of proposed instructions, one cited and one uncited.  Please email the jury instructions in WORD format to the bailiff.
  • Please use the most recent versions of the Washington Pattern Jury Instructions.

Jury Selection

Court Transcripts

  • For cases with an assigned court reporter: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the transcript, please contact the court reporter.
  • For digitally recorded courtrooms: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the CD, notify the courtroom clerk, who will be able to provide the information needed at the end of the hearing. If at some time following the hearing or trial, you determine you need a copy of the CD, it may be obtained directly from the Clerk's Office copy center. You will need to submit a completed CD Request Form.


  • If the parties need extra equipment (TV/DVD/VCR), please contact the bailiff with equipment questions at least five (5) days prior to the trial date.



Judge Cahan performs weddings by appointment Monday through Friday at 4:30 PM at the King County Courthouse. Please contact email the bailiff at or call (206) 477-1385 for availability and fee information.