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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: E-201

Phone: 206-477-1537


Bailiff: Ashleigh Rhodes

Department: 35

Assignment: Juvenile Dependency

Judge Andrus Biographical Information

Helpful Links

Please Review the Following Before Contacting the Court

  • Review the Local Civil Rules (LCR), Local Juvenile Court Rules (LJuCR), and Local Family Law Rules (LFLR).
  • Litigants without counsel may find the following legal resources helpful: Legal Links & Resources and Family Law Facilitator Program.
  • Please notify the bailiff by e-mail to strike a motion -- always provide the case name, cause number, and the date for which the motion is noted.


Parties are to refer to the Superior Court Email Policy prior to sending an email to the Court.

The only address to be used by attorneys, pro se litigants or others who need to communicate with court staff about a case is the courtroom e-mail address. Absent express invitation by the judge, the judge’s individual e-mail address is not to be used.

Electronic Working Copies

Judge Andrus prefers to receive electronic working copies submitted to the Clerk using the Clerk’s eFiling Application pursuant to LGR 30(b)(4)(A)(iii). If a party’s submission exceeds the 500 page limit, it may request prior permission from Judge Andrus’s bailiff to deliver the working copies in PDF format, either on disk or thumb drive (and delivered to the Judge’s Mailroom). Prior permission should be requested by sending an email to Please do not email any working copies directly to the Court or to her law clerk/bailiff without prior permission.

Working copies should have the judge’s name and the date and time of the hearing in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the motion. Please provide only copies of the cases that you are substantially relying on.

Motions to Shorten Time

If a party wishes to request that the Court consider a motion on shortened time, the underlying motion must be noted in the regular course, and a separate motion to shorten time should be submitted. Until and unless the Court grants the motion to shorten time, all responses and replies should be submitted as though the motion is to be considered in the normal course.

Motions to Strike Evidence

If a party has an objection to evidence submitted by an opposing party in conjunction with any civil motion, you need not file a separate motion to strike this evidence. Counsel should instead include any objections to admissibility of evidence in responsive documents, if any are permitted or required, or in a separate objection document. Objections to admissibility of evidence are not subject to the time requirements of LCR 7. See Cameron v. Murray, 151 Wash. App. 646,658 (Div. I, 2009).

If you are striking a motion, please call or email the law clerk/bailiff immediately.

Settlement Conferences

Judge Andrus is available for settlement conferences for parties in civil matters on Friday afternoons.  Please contact the bailiff to request the conference.

Digital Courtroom

Judge Andrus operates in an FTR Gold courtroom, which digitally records proceedings. To access a copy of previously recorded proceedings follow the instructions below:

Copies of Previously Recorded Proceedings ($25 per CD)

CD's can be played on a personal CD player or your computer through a MP3 player. CD's to be used by a court-approved transcriber are copied to include compatible programming; be sure to request this copying method if needed.

Complete the FTR Digital Audio - Copy Request form. To obtain the required information, you'll need the court minutes for the hearing you wish to have copied.  They are usually available for viewing in 3-5 business days after the hearing.

Return the completed Form to the DJA Copy Center.  Pay $25 per CD (each CD holds 73 minutes of actual proceeding time). CD's will be ready within 1 hour. Pay $3 for postage if you wish to have the DJA Copy Center return your completed CD via mail. Contact the DJA Copy Center at (206) 296-7848 with any questions.

Before the hearing: Notify the courtroom clerk that you'll want a copy of the hearing. Digital technology enables the clerk to provide the specific start and end time.

If you need to have a transcript created, a list of Court Approved Transcriptionists is available on the Clerk's Office webpage.