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New King County Superior Court Judges Hillary Madsen and Andrea Robertson
January 15, 2021
Superior Court Clerk Fee Schedule Revisions
January 4, 2021
Case Management Procedures for Minor Guardianships in King County Superior Court
December 31, 2020
Notice Regarding Fee Increase for Electronic Working Copies
December 28, 2020
New Notice of Hearing and Changes to Ex Parte Calendar
December 23, 2020
Local Criminal Rule (LCrR) 3.2 Pretrial Release
December 14, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments
December 11, 2020
Non-Parental Custody Cases - Delay of Impending Law Change
December 10, 2020
King County Superior Court Leadership Changes for 2021
December 10, 2020
Notice Regarding Temporary Protection Order Hearings in the Ex Parte and Probate Department
November 25, 2020
King County Superior Court Launches Eviction Resolution Program
November 24, 2020
Application Period Open for 2021 Superior Court Minor Guardianship Attorney, Visitor, and Guardian ad Litem Registries
November 19, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments
November 12, 2020
King County Major Incident Event
November 9, 2020
Family Law Case Schedule Changes: Emergency Changes to the Confirmation of Issues Form and Status Conference (LFLR 4)  November 5, 2020
Protection Orders Basics Webinar October 28, 2020
King County Superior Court Emergency Rules - LGR 31
October 28, 2020
Informal Family Law Trials: New Emergency Local Family Law Rule 23
October 23, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments
October 9, 2020
Notice Regarding a New Virtual Protection Order Office
October 2, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments
September 8, 2020
Notice Regarding the Assignment of Jurors to Civil Jury Trials
August 28.2020
New Chief UFC Calendar and Notice of Court Date
August 18, 2020
Amendments to King County Superior Court Local Rules go into effect September 1, 2020
August 12, 2020
Notice Regarding Resumption of Civil Jury Trials
August 11, 2020
Notice Regarding a New Family Law Notice of Court Date
August 7, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments August 6, 2020
2020 CLE Workshop for Attorneys and Legal Professionals Webinar
August 5, 2020
Changes to Ex Parte Calendars
July 24, 2020
Non-Parental Custody Cases - Impending Law Change, Early Notice
July 20, 2020
Update - Default Orders Now Accepted through Orders for Review to the Ex Parte and Probate Department
July 9, 2020
Improved Remote Accessibility for Family Law and Parentage Case Records
July 1, 2020
King County Superior Court Juvenile Division Leadership Change
June 26, 2020
King County Clerk's Office Customer Feedback Survey - Response Requested
June 15, 2020
Application Period Open for Superior Court Guardian Ad Litem Registries
June 12, 2020
Face Coverings Now Required at All Superior Court Locations
June 11, 2020
Notice Regarding Drop-In Childcare Closure at the Maleng Regional Justice Center
June 5, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments Prohibited
June 3, 2020
Changes to Family Law Calendars
May 28, 2020
Notice Regarding Cases Assigned to Dept. 51 - Judge Cindi S. Port
May 6, 2020
Announcing a Law Enforcement Extreme Risk Protection Order E-Filing Process
April 24, 2020
Consumer Debt Garnishments Prohibited
April 17, 2020
Notice Regarding Submission of Certain Agreed Family Law Orders to the Ex Parte and Probate Department
April 14, 2020
Notice Regarding Cases Assigned to Dept. 19 - Judge Nelson Lee
April 8, 2020
Modified Probate Case Filing Procedures
April 3, 2020
Update from the Ex Parte & Probate Department re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response
March 30, 2020
Family Law Motions Calendar Procedures: Emergency Changes to LFLR 6
March 25, 2020
Family Law Calendars
March 20, 2020
Limited Counter Services Starting Monday 3/16/2020
March 16, 2020
Proposed Local Rule Changes Published for Comment
March 5, 2020
Cases assigned to Judge Bill Bowman - Dept. 19
February 5, 2020
Family Law Case Schedule Change
January 31, 2020
Focus Group on the Replacement of the eFiling System
January 14, 2020

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