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KC Adult Drug Diversion Court's 20th Anniversary Celebration: 20 Years of Changing Lives!


Macklemore to drug court grads: "I need sobriety in my life."  (King 5 News, Allison Morrow)  Macklemore spoke to King County drug court participants about losing his connection to music when he loses his sobriety. His story resonated especially with a young drug court participant whose recovery is getting him closer to his dream of becoming a writer.

Macklemore speaks at 20-year celebration of King County Drug Court (Seattle Times, Paige Cromwell)  Rapper Macklemore greets people as the King County Drug Court celebrates its 20th anniversary on Tuesday. The award-winning rapper spoke about his experiences as a teenager with a drug and alcohol addiction that landed him in juvenile drug court.



KCTV: KC Adult Drug Diversion Court Celebrates 20 years

King County TV (KCTV) December 2011

The New York Times; October 14, 2008, by Erik Eckholm:   Courts gives Addicts a Chance to Straighten Out

The Seattle Times; July 19, 2007, by Jerry Large:   A Better Place Than in Our Face

The Seattle Times; July 12, 2007, by Jerry Large:  Drug Court Can Be Cure for Crime

Seattle Post Intelligencer; June 15, 2006, by Claudia Rowe :  From Street Pimp to the Dean's List

National Recognition

KC Drug Diversion Court is recognized as one of the most established and progressive drug courts in the country. In February, 2007, the program became the first in the nation to receive the Transforming Communities Award from the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

As of December 2007, there are 2,147 operating drug courts in the United States.