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Transitioning to an electronic record fundamentally changed customers' experiences at the Clerk’s Office.  When the King County Superior Court Clerk’s Office maintained paper court records, attorneys, the court, and customers were continually competing for access. Maintaining a paper record had meant that ECRPublicaccessing records could be a difficult and time consuming process.  The electronic record provided immediate access for multiple customers at the same time.

ECR also meant brand new customer service paradigms.  The Clerk's Office created a new eServices Help Desk to provide customers with the answers they need when accessing the electronic court record.  The Clerk's Office also expanded its web site to provide useful online customer information.
Comparing ECR Models

Washington courts customers have access to multiple ECR models, including the federal system and a variety of systems in different counties. ECR Program developers prioritized knowing and understanding the differences between these systems, in order to best support their customers.  By understanding the variety of systems in which their customers work, the King County Clerk's Office is able to recognize opportunities for collaboration between systems, as well as customers' issues and questions when interacting between and among the variety of record systems.