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Core ECR was the first official phase of the ECR Program.  Core ECR was marked by development of both a technical infrastructure and new electronic workflows within the Clerk's Office.DSC01147 The technological foundation was built by a vendor in 1998. 

Built using a FileNet® repository, Core ECR was designed to provide imaging, workflow processing, "computer output to microfilm," and extensibility and scalability over the next decade.

The new workflows developed during the Core ECR phase saw a complete paradigm shift for Clerk's Office staff, who transitioned from paper processes to electronic processes.

Implementation of Core ECR was preceded by visioning and development of a Master Plan, as well as a scanning pilot project that helped the Clerk's Office determine how to best proceed with development of the ECR project.

Early experience showed that approaching the project in phases was the most likely path to success, and that the foundational phase would involve building a solid architecture upon which later technologies and processes would be built.  Core ECR was this foundational phase.