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E-filing was the final large-scale phase of the ECR Program. E-filing enabled attorneys, litigants, court staff, and other King County Law, Safety, and Justice (LSJ) agencies to electronically file court documents for the first time. Automated methods for indexing, docketing, and processing financial transactions were developed and instituted.  A new ECR Online viewer provided Internet access for the general public for certain case types, as provided by local rule (LGR 31).

efiling_imageE-filing supports initiating new cases, filing in existing cases, and filing Clerk’s Office documents like Court Minutes. The eFiling application generates case numbers, as well as cover sheets and case schedules for newly initiated cases. The application also accesses the County's e-commerce utility for payment of mandatory filing fees.

There are multiple models for e-filing projects.  ECR Program staff determined that no-cost access for e-filing was the best solution for King County Superior Court.  Electronic document filing fees are identical to paper filing fees.  King County Superior Court has looked for opportunities outside of e-filing for generating revenue.

At the outset, e-filing in King County was optional. However, attorneys, judges, and the Clerk's Office soon concluded that mandatory e-filing was both efficient as well as necessary for a fully implemented electronic record. E-filing became mandatory for attorneys in 2009.