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Recognizing a shared history and heritage: County Council recognizes Mexico Week


“It was an honor to welcome our friends from the Mexican Consulate to celebrate Mexican independence, and the longstanding relationship between Mexico and King County”


Surrounded by County Councilmembers and representatives of
the Mexican Consulate, Council Chair Joe McDermott and Roberto Dondisch, Mexican Consul, hold the proclamation declaring Sept. 10-16 Mexico Week in King County

It’s a country whose history in King County stretches over 150 years, is a major trading partner with the state of Washington, and whose descendants continue to have an impact in our region. Mexico is celebrating its independence day and the Metropolitan King County Council joined in the celebration today by proclaiming the week of September 10-16 as Mexico Week in King County.

“It was an honor to welcome our friends from the Mexican Consulate to celebrate Mexican independence, and the longstanding relationship between Mexico and King County,” said Council Chair Joe McDermott, who also asked the Council to remember those who are struggling in the aftermath of the 8.1 earthquake that struck southern Mexico the night of September 7.

Roberto Dondisch, Mexican Consul, was in Council Chambers to receive the proclamation.

Before Washington was a state, Mexicans were coming to the region to work on ranches, in the mines and on farms. Today, Mexico and Washington are trading partners, with the country being the single biggest importer of Washington apples. People from Mexico and those with Mexican heritage are part of the fastest growing demographic group in King County.

The Mex Am Northwest Festival will be part of the weeklong celebration of Mexican Independence and the public is invited to join in celebrating and recognizing the history and heritage of Mexico.



WHEREAS, people of many ethnic and cultural heritages live in King County, sharing their traditions, histories, and cultures with county residents; and

WHEREAS, Mexicans arrived in the territory that would become the state of Washington in the 1850s, initially drawn by opportunities in mining, ranching, railroads, and farming, and today Mexican culture is woven into the fabric of our communities; and

WHEREAS, an estimated 9.5 per cent of King County’s population is of Hispanic or Latino origin—the fastest growing demographic group in the County—with the vast majority being of Mexican or Mexican heritage; and

WHEREAS, King County recognizes the great cultural contributions made by many generations and individuals of Mexican descent residing in our county; and

WHEREAS, this is the first year that Mexico will commemorate its independence with a week-long festival to be enjoyed by all residents of King County; and

WHEREAS, during this week, the Mexican-American community will come together to participate in a wide range of cultural festivities and events throughout the County to celebrate Mexican Independence Day;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, proclaim the week of September 10-16, 2017, as


in King County and encourage all county residents to join in this celebration of culture and heritage.

DATED from this eleventh day of September, 2017.

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