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Phillips: King County Council has acted on vacancy in 30th Legislative District



Metropolitan King County Council Chair Larry Phillips released this statement today in response to Pierce County Council Chair Dan Roach’s attempted scheduling of a joint meeting of the Pierce County and King County Councils December 22 to consider filling the vacant position of State Representative for the 30th Legislative District:

“In accordance with the Washington State Constitution, the Metropolitan King County Council met on December 8 to satisfy its responsibility of taking joint action to fill the vacancy in the 30th Legislative District.

“Acting accordingly, and after being given the opportunity to interview the three candidates submitted by Washington State Democratic Central Committee, the King County Council used its considered judgment to unanimously appoint Carol Gregory to fill the vacancy.

“While we appreciate the effort of the Pierce County Council to also act on the appointment at its December 22 special meeting, the King County Council has acted. Accordingly, there will be no special meeting of the King County Council on December 22, 2014 in Pierce County.

“Pierce County Council Chair Dan Roach has called for a special meeting of the Pierce County Council. However, he has no authority to call for a special meeting of the Metropolitan King County Council. Accordingly, the Metropolitan King County Council will not be meeting in Pierce County when the Pierce County Council begins its deliberations on this appointment.

“I want the public to understand that the Metropolitan King County Council has made its choice on who we believe shall fill the vacancy left by the passing of Roger Freeman. Of course, in the interest of a balanced and equitable system, the King County Council’s choice will not be effective unless the Pierce County Council also makes the same appointment. If it does not, there will be no joint appointment.

“Since the King County Council has acted, there is no need for a joint meeting with the Pierce County Council on this issue.”

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