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King County Council unanimously approves sale of Brugger’s Bog Maintenance Facility to the city of Shoreline



The Metropolitan King County Council voted unanimously at its June 24 meeting to approve an ordinance authorizing the sale of land designated as surplus by the King County Roads Division to the city of Shoreline. The property known as “Brugger’s Bog,” will serve as a maintenance facility for the city of Shoreline. The legislation was sponsored by County Councilmember Rod Dembowski.

Shoreline has outgrown their current one-acre facility, which houses both the City’s parks and public works maintenance operations. The purchase of the Brugger’s Bog maintenance facility will allow for additional space for equipment storage and equipment maintenance, and will serve as a fueling site for both city of Shoreline vehicles and Police vehicles, which currently have to travel to Lynnwood to fuel their patrol cars. In addition, King County and the City will jointly use the site as a decanting facility for vactor trucks.

“We are pleased to be able to acquire this property in order to serve the residents of Shoreline,” stated Shoreline Mayor Keith McGlashan. “On behalf of the City, I want to express my appreciation for Rod’s leadership in passing this legislation that is critically important to our City.”

The sale was supported by the Friends of Aldercrest and the Sound Cities Association.

“I am pleased that we were able to pass this ordinance, that will ensure Shoreline can effectively maintain its parks, streets, and utilities as the city grows,” said Councilmember Dembowski. “I appreciate the city of Shoreline’s commitment to work with the Shoreline Water District during its planning process for possible joint use of the site.”

King County and Shoreline also partner in providing residents many regional services. Through King County, Shoreline contracts its police, District Court, animal control, jail, public defense, traffic signals and road maintenance.

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