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King County Council pledges to “Eat Local for Thanksgiving”


Councilmembers encourage using local products for holiday meal


With the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Metropolitan King County Council declared its thanks for local farms and produce by recognizing the “Eat Local for Thanksgiving” campaign and pledging to do the same.

“The Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration of plentiful harvests, and here in King County we have an abundance of farm fresh produce for which to be thankful,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips, sponsor of the recognition. “The ‘Eat Local for Thanksgiving’ campaign brings awareness to the many environmental, economic, and health benefits of eating locally grown produce and encourages citizens to choose local ingredients for their Thanksgiving feasts this year.”

The “Eat Local for Thanksgiving” campaign was created to accentuate the connections that buying local has to the environment, the use of fossil fuels and energy, and support for our local community and local farmers. Many local farmers markets and grocery stores have joined the campaign to highlight local produce this holiday season.

The campaign is organized by the Cascade Harvest Coalition and Puget Sound Fresh. To join Councilmember Phillips in taking the Eat Local for Thanksgiving pledge online, visit the Puget Sound Fresh Web site. The web site also provides recipes and information on where to buy local produce.


WHEREAS, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to think about the sources of our food and our region’s rich agricultural heritage; and

WHEREAS, farming remains a vital activity in King County, supporting 39 farmers markets generating $12-15 million a year; and

WHEREAS, the Cascade Harvest Coalition and Puget Sound Fresh are our region’s primary programs working to connect consumers with local farm products; and

WHEREAS, eating locally grown foods helps reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; supports our local farmers and small businesses; offers King County residents delicious, healthy diet choices; and helps preserve our rural communities; and

WHEREAS, the Eat Local for Thanksgiving campaign is an integral part of Cascade Harvest Coalition’s Puget Sound Fresh Program, with the goal that members of the public purchase at least one locally grown or produced product for their Thanksgiving meal; and

WHEREAS, over 3,500 people took the pledge to Eat Local for Thanksgiving in 2009, by signing up at farmers markets, participating grocery stores, special events, and through online outreach, with the result that carbon emissions were reduced by nearly 5,500 pounds; and

WHEREAS, Puget Sound and Washington state farmers are bringing an abundance of fresh food to markets, including winter squashes, potatoes, cranberries, apples and pears, honey, eggs, farmstead cheeses, turkey, shellfish, and wine;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, recognize the

Cascade Harvest Coalition and Puget Sound Fresh

campaign and encourage residents of King County to pledge to eat local for Thanksgiving.

DATED this sixteenth day of November, 2010.

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