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The Council's Local Services, Regional Roads & Bridges Committee considers and makes recommendations on polices relating to:

  • surface water management and water supply;
  • unincorporated and rural areas, including agriculture and rural services;
  • local government; 
  • the implementation of appropriate labor agreements;
  • permitting and zoning;
  • roads and bridges;
  • emergency management
  • local services provided by the Sheriff; and
  • utility annexations and water and sewer district plans.

In the areas within the committee's purview, the committee tracks state and federal legislative action and develops recommendations on policy direction for the biennial budget.

Meeting Times: Second and fourth Monday at 1:30 p.m. 
Council Chambers, King County Courthouse, 10th floor

Chair: Kathy Lambert
Vice Chair: Claudia Balducci
Members: Larry Gossett, Reagan Dunn

Committee Staff:
Lead Staff: Nick Bowman
Committee Assistant: Erica Newman

Meeting materials for the Local Services, Regional Roads & Bridges Committee

Listed below are the meeting materials for the Local Services, Regional Roads & Bridges Committee. The meeting materials available before each meeting are combined into one PDF document and posted below under Meeting Agendas and Materials. On occasion, not all materials will be available before the meeting. Additional materials for the meeting are posted as they become available.

Please help us save paper by selecting only the section(s) of the document you need to print.

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