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Notice of proposed ordinances_advertised for Public hearings before the Council

Date of Hearing Proposed Ordinance
 6/18/18  Proposed Ordinance 2018-0258, authorizing the condemnation of a leasehold interest required for the construction of Lower Russell Levee Setback project, CIP 1112056.    
 6/25/18  Proposed Ordinance 2018-0161, amending and recodifying certain chapters of the King County Code Title 46 Traffic Code under King County Code Title 14.    
 7/2/18  Proposed Ordinance 2018-0195, which will enable the county to sell a surplus parcel of approximately 11.5 acres of land to the citty of Sammamish.    
 7/9/18  Proposed Ordinance 2018-0224, which would amend the King County Code to modify the land segregation code, to clarify code requirements for determining whether a legal lot exists.    
 9/10/18  Proposed Ordinance 2018-0312, which would amend King County development regulations to reflect the creation of a new department, the Department of Local Services.    

Public hearings on rules and regulations before the Board of Health

Date of Hearing Rules and regulations and resolutions
 4/19/18 BOH18-02, A Rule and Regulation relating to prohibiting use of smokeless tobacco at event sites for professional sporting events.    
 6/21/18  BOH18-03, to increase the annual rates by 3.5 percent for 2019, and an additional 3.5 percent for 2020 and beyond, to meet inflation-related cost increases and maintain services at current levels.    
 6/21/18 G&R18-01 regarding preserving housing affordability throughout King County.    

Public hearings on King County Flood Control District Resolutions

Date of Hearing

Resolutions and Proposals

 7/30/18  FCD2018-06 to consider amendments to the adopted 2018 Budget for the District to correct various attachments, inlcuding the 2018 revised budget and revised operating budget    

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