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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day.  
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Online workshop to help manage chronic conditions:  Better Choices, Better Health®

Better Choices, Better Health helps people learn how to manage their chronic health conditions and improve their quality of life. Participants learn to improve their health one step at a time by setting goals and then dividing goals into small weekly action plans. The program is six weekly 2-1/2 hour sessions, led by trained volunteer facilitators who have personal experience with chronic conditions. Workshops are designed for people living with health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety or any other long-term health problems.

Better Choices, Better Health is available online and is open to both KingCare (Regence), KingCare Select (Regence) and Kaiser Permanente (Smart Care Connect) members. 

Register for the online programThe program is open to both Regence and Kaiser Permanente members. Once you register for the online workshop, it takes up to two weeks for the class to fill and for the program to start.

Call the Kaiser Permanente Resource Line at 1-800-992-2279.