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King County policy provides for onsite physical activity classes. If you'd like to participate in a class at your worksite, or sponsor an activity, please review the full policy below.

  • Employee Health and Well-being does not organize classes. All classes are organized by an employee sponsor.
  • It is acceptable to use county conference rooms and other resources for these classes, provided that regular business needs are not affected.
  • For questions or comments please contact
  • Download the policy in PDF form.

For information about chair massage services click here.


Additional guidelines

  • Classes are to be attended by county employees only. No non-employee guests may attend.
  • Attendance may be discriminate on the basis of any of the protected groups as defined under Section 5.1 Executive Policy "Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures" PER 22-3-3 (AEP) September 29, 2002.
  • Participation during scheduled working hours is prohibited.
  • All participants (including paid instructor) must sign and return a waiver form and the parties conducting events will collect the waivers and provide them to King County Risk Management. Parties conducting events (instructors) in county buildings assume all financial responsibility for any injuries experienced by the participant, themselves or any third party arising out of the employee sponsored events/training. King County shall not be responsible for property loss experienced by meeting attendees as a result of meeting attendance.
  • All outside instructors must be sponsored by an employee. Employees hire the instructor directly and are responsible for all costs incurred. King County is not involved in any process of procuring or contracting with instructors and in no event shall King County be considered the employer of the class instructor.
  • Outside instructors must be accompanied by a King County employee at all times when in secured areas of King County work sites.
  • All work (eg scheduling, posting class notices, etc) done by employee-sponsors or employees leading classes must be done on the employee's own time.
  • As a prerequisite to use of county property for classes, instructors or their agency are required to carry Commercial General Liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 per occurrence/$500,000 in the aggregate and provide a certificate of insurance evidencing this coverage. Instructors will name King County, its officers, officials, agents and employees as additional insureds and provide a copy of the additional insured endorsement to King County Risk Management. (ADM-ES-0320).
  • Instructors must post their insurance certificate and endorsement naming King County as an additional insured, and any relevant certification on-site classes.
  • Massage therapists must be licensed with the State of Washington and display a copy of their license during massage sessions. Employees participating in on-site classes are required to verify insurance and applicable certification before participating in on-site classes.
  • Employees who facilitate these classes may not financially benefit directly or indirectly from the instructor's hiring agreement or the classes or events in any way.
  • King County rooms may be reserved for this purpose. Rooms must be reserved following normal room reservation systems. Conference room managers have the authority to determine if activities are appropriate for the space requested.
  • Rooms must be used in a manner respectful of other county businesses and county property. If a conflict for room time arises, all other county business takes priority.
  • All permissions for building use shall be for specific dates. No "open ended" permissions will be provided.
  • Use of the building shall be restricted to provision of services. It shall not be expanded to such uses as sales or promotions of goods or products.
  • Any room preparation an return to regular use (moving of tables, chairs, etc) shall be done by class attendees and/or the employee sponsor and on their own time.
  • Storage of special equipment used for on-site activity classes or chair message that is not King County property may be arranged by work site with the building tenant committee or similar. In the case that storage is not available, this equipment must be transported to and from the site by the instructor or provider.
  • County employees may use county-provided bulletin boards to promote attendance at these classes. All promotion must relate to classes held on King County property. No advertisement of services available off-site is allowed.
  • Room use guidelines should be developed by a building tenant committee or similar at each site as necessary if there are issues related to use falling outside of the above procedures.

The group exercise room has a door and mirrors to provide a suitable place for classes such as yoga, tai chi, Zumba etc. Martial-Arts type classes that involve person-to-person contact are not allowed for safety reasons. This room may be reserved on a quarterly basis. The room reservation process is here. If the room is not reserved, it is available on a first come first served basis.

Employees who wish to lead classes for other employees may do so using the group exercise room. Employees may lead classes on a volunteer basis only. Any reimbursement for an employee-led class is in violation of King County Code 3.04.020.