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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day.  
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King County allows employees in the downtown Seattle area to volunteer at the Goat Hill Giving Garden. A giving garden is any garden where people grow food specifically for the purpose of donating it to food banks and other organizations that feed those in need.

Since 2010, the Goat Hill Giving Garden has donated 1,701 pounds of food to local food banks and organizations.

The Goat Hill Giving Garden is located on 5th and Jefferson in downtown Seattle near the Goat Hill Parking Garage.

Employees are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity by learning about the Goat Hill Giving Garden. See what's planted now in the current planting list and identify your interest: the Watering Team, Planting and Harvesting or Gardening Classes.

Watering Team: Watering team members make sure our garden is well nourished throughout the summer months. They regularly water specific beds of the garden one day per week. Most days have more than one person, so duties are shared whenever possible. All of the supplies needed are provided. If you are interested in joining the watering team, please email us.

Planting and Harvesting:Planting and harvesting is done as needed throughout the season. We try to provide as much notice as possible, but sometimes the beans just need to be picked and we send out a message day of. We typically harvest and plant at noon, and it usually takes about 30 minutes or so. All of the supplies needed are provided, but if you'd like to keep your hands clean we suggest bringing your own pair of gloves. If you'd like to be informed of planting and harvesting opportunities, join our email list.

Gardening Classes: Classes are held the first and third Thursdays of the month from May through September. Meet at the Garden at noon. Classes are not held over the winter.If you would like to teach a class or have ideas for topics, please email us.

Quick volunteer tips to participate:

  • Each employee is responsible for wearing the appropriate clothing or gear needed to participate.
  • Employee Health and Well-being does not organize this volunteer opportunity, it is organized by a community organization.
  • To learn more about giving gardens, visit the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Community Gardening site.