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2019 Nonprofit Application Cycle

All nonprofits that turn in a completed application (meeting all of the eligibility criteria) on time will be in the program for the current year. 2019 Applications will be available beginning April 16 and DUE by May 16, 2019.

Watch the webinar and take a look at our implementation guide to prepare.

Note: Nonprofit organizations must reapply every year.

Step 1: Prepare

(New) Nonprofit Organizations:

(Returning) Nonprofit Organizations:

Federations:  In addition to the above

New Governmental Units: In addition to the above listed under new/returning

  • Documentation showing proof of separate fund, legal authority to accept donations, and documentation regarding tax-deductibility. 

Step 2: Apply Online

Account set-up and Log-in Instructions for the Portal

New Organizations that did not receive an invite code from an employee referral:

  • Register a new local account on the portal. (Write down your username and password! You will need this from here on out.)New-User-Sign-In

Returning Organizations:

  • Must use either use invite code or current log-in. If you did not receive by end of day 4/15/19 please email

How to redeem invitation


  • Email invite will be sent to you with a link taking you directly to the above page. The invitation code looks like a software serial number. 
  • Create a username and password
  • Use the email address the invite was sent to


Accessing our Nonprofit Portal 

Our portal is used to update contact information, account information and to apply. Log-ins are user specific and tied to a specific account. 

Access KCEGP nonprofit portal

Step 3: Subscribe and Stay Informed

Manage your subscriptions

Current subscribers

To manage your preferences, enter your email, wireless number, or social media information.

New subscribers

To sign up, enter your contact info. If you wish to have both an email and wireless subscription, you'll need to sign up twice, once with your email and once with your wireless number.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us.

New this year
  • Volunteer - employees may take up to 3 sick leave days to volunteer at our nonprofits.
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