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Overview The AGD is the time set aside each year to market and communicate about the EGP through emails, presentations, and nonprofit speakers. The goal is to make sure that every employee has a quality opportunity to engage with the program. During this time employees sign-up for payroll donation for the coming year, do time donation, and give direct checks. Employees may conduct Special Events, Fundraisers and have an an opportunity to bring nonprofit representatives to the worksites. By limiting special events to a few months out of the year, we increase efficiencies and limit fundraising fatigue in the workplace.

  • 2018 Major solicitation dates: October 1 - November 16
  • Honorary Co-Chairs: Each year we have two leaders from across King County that act as our visible leadership for the Annual Giving Drive. One elected and one nonelected.

How can I participate?

There are many ways employees can help during King County Employee Giving Program's Annual Giving Drive:

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