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What does it mean to volunteer my group or team for the pilot?

You will encourage employees who are interested in teleworking to approach you and engage in a conversation about creating a regular teleworking arrangement.


What do I need to do?

  • Decide on telework norms for your group, such as
    • Are there days of the week when everyone should be in the office?
    • Skype availability/phone forwarding
    • Will you require daily reporting on activities completed?
    • How will you assess eligibility?
  • Use telework tools to determine employee eligibility as needed:
    • Suitability assessment
    • Home office safety checklist
    • Read through and understand teleworker and telemanager responsibilities
    • If desired, institute reporting for employees on their telework day
  • Review management issues document and complete an assessment of your management style to help potential issues.
  • Employees who participate need to fill out an updated telework agreement.
  • Commit to pre and post survey of employees and supervisors/managers
  • Where are the training materials for the program?

    The training video can be found here.

    Please remind your employees who want to telework they will need to watch the training video as well.

    Questions? Please contact Sunny Knott with any questions about the pilot at or (206)477-5812.

    Contact us | 206‑477‑5853

    Your Employee Transportation
    Program Manager:

    Hossein Barahimi