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We know that in order to provide great service to the public, King County needs to be a great place to work. The annual employee survey is an important tool to help us get there. The employee survey provides an opportunity to check-in with all employees to learn what is going well and where we need to improve. That is why your participation is critical – we need each employee to provide their point of view so that we can really understand what employees want and need to be fully engaged in their work.

We conduct the all-employee survey annually which allows us to measure our progress in making change within the organization. By participating, you will help us measure our progress from last year and determine areas still needing improvement.

Take a look at previous employee survey results and learn how it makes a difference.

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Does the survey make a difference?

Results from 2016:

230 action plans

Expanded Employee Resource Center

Revamped Bridge Fellowship program

Advertised all special duty positions

Department and Division leaders prioritized increased visibility

Results from 2017:

340 action plans

Created Investing In You strategic plan

Expanded Bridge Fellowship program

Started employee listening sessions with the King County Executive - Walk in the Shoes of a King County Employee

Results from 2018:

290 action plans

Launched King County Mentoring Program

Increased the diversity of top tier hires/promotions by 18%

Employees can now use up to three sick days to volunteer

Offer Professional Development Scholarship with MLA

Changes from 2017

We are changing the way engagement is measured, aligning it with the county’s performance management system of using frequent feedback to continuously improve. We have contracted with a new vendor for a platform that generates deeper insight into what drives engagement and reveals the impacts of engagement on the organization’s operations. This platform puts us on the cutting edge of employee engagement nationwide and will help us see where the investment in our employees is most valuable.

Read more about the survey changes from 2017 here.

Date Action
March 11-12

Electronic survey distribution. Everyone should have received their online survey by end of day March 12

Contest for highest participation begins!

March 29 Survey period closes
Mid-April Participation contest awards given
Early May

Survey reports ready

Executive reports countywide data

Departments report department wide data

Divisions report division wide data

Workgroup reports distributed

May-June Engagement team meets with department and division leadership to review data

Work groups begin meeting to review data and action plan

Engagement action plan training for managers and supervisors

July-March Action plans in full swing

Action Planning

Response to the survey is happening at every level of the organization with action plans developed by teams at the department, division, workgroup and senior leader levels. Get started on creating an action plan, and track the progress made.

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